Daisy custom events an event planning company and the spa and beauty party themes are for entertainment only, meaning we do not cut, file, trim, push back cuticles or mirror any services provided at a certified nail salon. Additionally, the spa “treatments" are also for entertainment purposes only and not performed by licensed professionals. If your guests have  allergies to any of the materials used (facial masks, nail polish, acetone, etc.) please ensure an alternate activity is available to them. Any and all liability relies with the client as DCE  nor its staff is responsible for any accidents, allergic reactions, or any other type of injury resulting from the “services" provided. To the best of our knowledge and ability, we will do everything possible to ensure a fun, safe party experience for all guests. If you are looking for a more in depth manicure or pedicure treatment, please contact your local nail salon for assistance as they are better equipped to handle your requests. Please keep in mind in an effort to provide a fresh perspective to each party; final setups, decor, props and centerpieces may vary and exact decor styles may not be available.